Turning ideas into reality.







We translate ideas into products which fit our clients portfolio and can be properly manufactured. Our multi-disciplinary design team is able to tackle every aspect within product development, which allows us to carry out complete projects from scratch to market introduction.


The development of a new product starts with a good idea. Studio Mango can assist with converting an initial idea into a marketable innovation. This idea is either proposed by the client, or we can work together to come up with promising ideas through brainstorming and research.

Studio Mango emphasizes the importance of research as a starting point for each project. Depending on the scope and type of the project, our focus will be divided between user research, market investigation, studying (technology) innovations and the examination of patents and regulations. The research outcome lays the foundation for the development of a successful product.


In our eyes good product design is meaningful, user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, detailed for manufacturing and environmentally friendly. We take into consideration our clients brand portfolio and financial wishes to develop a solution that can be appropriately placed in the market and generate revenue.

As a starting point in our design process, the research outcome is summarized in a program of requirements. From there we begin with idea generation. The most promising ideas are further developed into concepts, after which a final concept is detailed in 3D CAD.


In the final stage of development our expertise in engineering and prototyping makes sure the future product is aptly detailed for series or mass production. If called for, mechanical calculations and other analyses are realized to meet functional requirements.

Real size working prototypes are made to test and improve functionality and user experience. These models can be used to give a clear indication if the future product will comply with regulatory standards. Finally, a study of suitable fabrication techniques and related prices will be done to give a proper indication of cost price and tooling costs.


Over the years Studio Mango has built up a strong network of reliable suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world for producing and assembling high quality products according to your specifications, at competitive prices.

Our sourcing managers on location will carry out quality control to make certain each product meets the desired standard. For clients wishing to use their own network of manufacturers, we will deliver the final design tailor made for a smooth production start.


For a new product or brand to be successful it must be communicated in the right way. Studio Mango can assist in the creation of a brand identity, which we subsequently use to design packaging, manuals, brochures or exhibition stands.

Within our network we also have the expertise to do application and website development, to further support your product placement in the market.

At Studio Mango we strive to design products in a sustainable way. We use environmental NEN-EN standards that regulate material usage, production methods, and provide guidance for better end-of-life disassembly, to name just a few aspects.