Uriflex Liberty is a set of elegantly designed products that help people/ children to stop bedwetting. It is the next generation bedwetting training set from Urifoon; a company specialized in solving urinary problems. Studio Mango was approached for the development of this new collection.

The set consists of a specially developed underpants with transmitter, a receiver module, a vibrating puck, a charger and a corresponding app. In the underpants, a urine detection circuit is incorporated. When moisture is detected, a signal is sent to the receiver module that sounds an alarm. The alarm wakes the user so that he/ she can go to the toilet. After a few months of practice, the Liberty products will have ensured the user stays dry through the night.

the most comfortable training possible

Studio Mango collaborated with Urifoon to improve upon their previous bedwetting alarm. We set out to create a clean and friendly product line that would appeal to young children as well as teenagers (and adults to some extent). The design of the receiver is subtle yet intuitive in its functionality. It has a clear user interface which focuses on its two main functions: waking the user with an alarm and disabling the alarm.

The large capacitive touch button makes it easy and instinctive to disable the alarm at a moment you might still be a little sleepy. The LED ring around it -which lights up in case of alarm- highlights the button’s location so it can’t be missed in the dark night. Our team has thought carefully about an intuitive colour programming of the LED ring that shows different scenarios, such as an alarm, transmitter charge indication and errors.

Together with our electronics partner, we optimized comfort of the wearable transmitter by making it as small as possible. The soft form and rounded edges were designed to eliminate any discomfort during the night. The transmitter can be charged at the designated place on the alarm module, which ensures it is always charged when you go to bed.

Transmitter detects moisture and sends signal to receiver.
Receiver gives alarm with light and sound.
User switches off alarm and goes to toilet.

App for encouragement, insights or to use as receiver

The transmitter can be paired with the receiver and vibration puck; you can put the puck in bed as an extra stimulus to wake up. The transmitter and receiver can also be linked to the Uriflex app via Bluetooth. Users (or parents) can use it to see their progress. Based on the data, Urifoon can provide tailor-made advice. With the app, users can control a variety of features of the receiver, including alarm volume, alarm sounds and custom LED colors.

It’s also possible to connect the transmitter directly to the app. Users then receive an alarm on their phone when the sensor detects moisture. In that case you don’t need a receiver module.

During the project, we worked closely with the electronics developer and manufacturer. It was our responsibility to manage the project and to ensure a good end result.

Effective packaging artwork

After working through the hardware challenges, Studio Mango designed the packaging and out-of-box experience. It had to be a basic box, and the artwork had to radiate positivism. We used a simple but powerful line drawing to evoke the feeling of self-confidence. The artwork is gender-neutral and appeals to both young and older children -like the product-, as well as their parents.


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