Cadac continuously pushes the envelope in gas BBQ development. As they call it themselves their branche is filled with “grey box” products. This means that all brands have the same items only differentiating details are logo’s and colors.

Besides all innovations under the hood of their new Meridian BBQ collection it was important to make use of other materials then the usual steel to create a more homely and cosy feel. Wood came as an obvious solution but with tropical hardwood under enormous pressure from worldwide logging and softwood rotting away in wet climates within one year a durable solution had to be found. After extended periods of sourcing and even trying all kinds of artificial (plastic) wood replacing materials the best solution came from the South-African homeland of Cadac. Rhinowood is made from sustainable grown and harvested fast growing pine which receives a heat treatment and pressure impregnation, the end result is a virtually indestructible wood which lasts much longer then teak and in our opinion looks heaps better as well. With such a beautiful material to work with making a handsome BBQ almost became child’s play.

Besides integrating the nice wooden features Studio Mango made sure the BBQ had an easy to assemble knock-down structure making it small for transport and designed minimal knobs and handles in the same style as seen in modern kitchens.