Studio Mango was requested by ASWY to create the design for their Spaco speaker set, in this system their patented hovering tweeter technology needed to be integrated. The tweeters hover/fly completely free above their base (which contains the mid-range speakers) this enables all sound waves to escape from the speakers completely unobstructed and without interfering each other; instead of being dampened by the furniture or surroundings it’s placed upon. This makes for a fantastic and unique sound experience.

At the start of the project ASWY already had a few small gadget speakers on the market which contained the technology. For the new system the design had to be such that the brand was lifted to the level of the highest quality audio manufacturers . The result of our collaboration is the fantastic Spaco sound system with a beautiful use of wood, top notch components and glossy metal finishes the mission of becoming a high quality audio brand certainly has been accomplished. Beam us up to the party scotty!