Every once in a while a project comes along that rethinks the world as we know it and makes you proud to be able to contribute to its cause. The Lightyear One solar car certainly belongs to this category.

Today, Lightyear has presented the first functional prototype of the Lightyear One; an electric vehicle covered in solar panels that should come to market in 2021. We are very impressed by the team of Lightyear, who were able to reveal a functional prototype vehicle within 2 years. That’s a big achievement in the car industry.

Studio Mango works alongside the team of Lightyear One and Granstudio in the realization of this project. The role of Studio Mango is focused on the design assistance, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of all the exterior lighting units of the vehicle. We’re looking forward to the next steps in the design & engineering process.

For more information about this project, visit the Lightyear One website.